Oct 10, 2012 – Protection for Pigeons?


Is it illegal for a pest control company to destroy pigeons when all other methods have been attempted?


Pigeons are given NO protection from wildlife agencies and their status is that they can be controlled or killed in any manner at any time. HOWEVER, and I put emphasis on that word, just because the federal and state governments say we can do what we wish with pigeons does not mean that is the reality of it. You need to be aware of any local ordinances that may prohibit the killing of these invasive pest birds as well as the attitudes and opinions of the many people who live or work around the area where the pigeons are living, feeding, roosting, pooping, and all the other great aspects of their presence. You might legally kill some pigeons but still end up roasting on the fire pit of the local newspaper who publicizes what you have done. Despite the awful health consequences of living in close association with pigeons there are a great many people who just love them and want them around (although maybe on someone else's structure, not their own). 

You also need to be aware of animal rights organizations and their requirements that all living creatures be treated in a humane manner, even if they need to be killed. This makes it very difficult for you to find a method of killing these birds that would be acceptable to bird lovers. Poisoning must cause them agony. Shooting them causes pain and may not kill them quickly. Trapping them exposes them to fear and to the elements. It is a difficult situation to be in. We truly would be better off without pigeons living amongst us, but reducing their numbers runs into vocal opposition. Chasing them around with repellents and scare devices simply transfers one person's problem to another location. 

This may be a great reason to look at a product like OvoControl. This product is used as a bait where pigeons are feeding and it results temporarily in eliminating their ability to produce viable eggs. The manufacturer does not like the word "sterilizes" but that's how I think of it. But, it is only temporary, so a relatively constant feeding program is necessary to continually pare down the population through reduction of new birds. The manufacturer has gained the support of many animal rights organizations since the product does not harm the bird in any way. 

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