Sep 30, 2012 – Picking the Right Courses


I am looking for CEU for Cat 7D Food Processing in NJ. I need 4 credits.


I normally would not post my response to this more personal question, but it is an important one that we regularly have problems with. First of all, on our Master Technician online training on PestWeb we have quite a few courses that are approved for Category 7D in New Jersey, so you should have no problem fulfilling your CE needs in this area with our training resource. 

The important part of this that is appropriate for everyone is that you can find out exactly which courses are approved in YOUR state and see the license categories they are approved for, and you can find this before you take the course. We have too many people who select a course without confirming its approval status first, and then are disappointed or very upset with us when they find out after the fact that it did not meet their needs. 

So, we ask that you always select the course you wish to take in Master Technician by selecting the tab "State CEU Info" at the top, and then select your state. This brings up a list of "Steps" that are very important instructions from your state licensing agency, followed by the complete list of courses approved by that state. Next to each course number will be the column showing exactly which license categories that course is approved for in that state. When you find the one you wish to take just click on the course name and it opens up for you. 

Your completed courses are all logged in your personal database, found in the "My History" tab, so you can verify that you have not taken a course previously and you can print your own Certificate of Completion from here at any time. If you are licensed by more than one agency in or multiple states be sure you have entered that license information in the "My License Info" section and then print out a separate Certificate for each license. 

We love the response we have with our online training but always hope to minimize the problems that can occur when it is not taken correctly. 

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