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For your peace of mind, the Sentricon System® destroys the termite colony. The Sentricon System® is only available from authorized firms, and Brown Pest Control is the right operator to offer you the service. At Brown Pest control, our technicians are trained by Dow AgroSciences and equipped with sophisticated data reporting tools to track termite activity.

Our technicians receive extensive training on termite biology and behavior. They're taught how termites forage, how termites share information with other colony members, what to look for at a feeding site, how to identify termite species and how to handle termites.

Our trained technicians know where to place the stations in prime termite foraging areas, how often to monitor the stations, and when to install Recruit II termite bait.

Along with specialized training in the Sentricon System®, Brown Pest Control offers years of experience controlling termites and other household pests. What's more, Sentricon is from Dow AgroSciences, the industry leader in pest control technologies and training.

You'll be seeing your pest control professional frequently as the Sentricon stations around your home are regularly monitored. With such close attention, you can be confident you'll receive the best possible termite protection for your home.