Procedures  to follow for bedbug treatment

  Your preparation is the key to our success!

•Prior to technician arrival-bag & remove all bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.) and launder same day as treatment.

•Prior to technician arrival remove and bag all clothing from infested rooms. If clothing is clean it needs to be run through dryer a minimum of 20 minutes on high heat. All dirty laundry must be laundered. This needs to be done the day  of treatment. (If laundry is done before day of treatment it must be placed in a sealed container until after treatment.)

•Remove all items from under bed  and bag. Washable items should be washed and dried.

•Remove everything from nightstands,dressers. etc.

•Take mattress and box spring off bed frame and prop up on side.

•If mattresses and box springs are in good shape a bedbug proof zippered cover needs to be purchased and placed on both after treatment, otherwise they need to be thrown away.

•Do not move  items, without bagging first, from infested rooms to other rooms , apartments, etc. This will spread problem to infested areas.

•Tenants will need to leave property for 5 hours after treatment.

You may download a copy of this prep list HERE