Oct 21, 2012 – Enticing Squirrels


what is the best bait to put in a trap to catch squirrels?


I am going to assume you are referring to tree squirrels rather than ground squirrels. A few things are important here, and the first is to be certain of the legal status of tree squirrels in your area, and in particular what species of tree squirrel you are dealing with, as some of the species may have protected status and cannot be harmed or molested. If they are "depredating" (causing unacceptable problems) then you can kill or trap them, but this may require a special license of permit. In addition, most states prohibit relocating trapped animals. It may be illegal for you to trap tree squirrels and take them somewhere else to release them, as this may be stressful or harmful to the animals or it may just relocate a problem onto someone else's property. So, contact your local wildlife agency first to be certain you are doing what is allowed. 

Tree squirrels feed on a wide variety of materials, including nuts, seeds, fruit, and even the soft bark of trees. Grey squirrels are well known for doing massive damage by stripping the bark off of large and small branches and narrow trunks of trees. Havahart / Woodstream suggest that they can be enticed into live traps using many bait products, including nuts, apples, sunflower seeds, peanut butter mixed with oatmeal, or popcorn. In nature acorns may make up a large part of their diet, but if acorns already are available it is less likely they will be interested in any that you place inside a trap. 

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