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Jeepers creepers! Real life crawlers – The Virginian-Pilot

The Virginian-Pilot

Jeepers creepers! Real life crawlers
The Virginian-Pilot
(David B. Hollingsworth | Special to The Virginian-Pilot) For information on how to prevent and treat insect infestations, visit the National Pest Management Association at or the Tidewater Pest Control Association at

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Report reveals increasing rainforest pest threat – ABC Online

Report reveals increasing rainforest pest threat
ABC Online
Authority chairman Peter Valentine says the region is "paying dearly" for not having early warning programs for pests in place. "For most of these organisms, once they become established, the cost of eradicating them becomes enormous and often times

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Kudzu bug chewing up South Carolina – Southeast Farm Press

Kudzu bug chewing up South Carolina
Southeast Farm Press
Greene says the insects are often mistakenly referred to as stink bugs, but are in a different insect family than commonly occurring green, brown and Southern green stink bugs. Regardless of their family tree, the Clemson researcher says they are

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Mosquito Bred to Fight Dengue Fever Shows Promise in Study – BusinessWeek

Daily Mail

Mosquito Bred to Fight Dengue Fever Shows Promise in Study
About 19000 lab-altered insects were released into 25 acres on Grand Cayman Island in 2009, according to a study, published yesterday in the journal Nature Biotechnology. Later tests showed they made up about 16 percent of the mosquito population and
GM mosquitoes show fever promiseBBC News
Fears grow over genetically engineered mosquitoes which kill their own offspringDaily Mail
Concerns Are Raised About Genetically Engineered MosquitoesNew York Times

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Cane toads take toll on fisheries

Cane toad researchers say commercial fishery managers across northern Australia need to protect their stocks from the poisonous pests.

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The ‘Ick’ Factor: Bugs Can Be Hard To Swallow

Lots of creepy crawly things will appear on doorsteps and fence posts for Halloween, but will they be on your dinner plate? Insects are being proposed as a cheap and environmentally friendly food source. Long accepted around the world, eating bugs is considered, well, gross to many in North America and Europe.

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Oct 31, 2011 – Surprise Attack For Bed Bugs?


Recently on a bed bug job the most heavily infested bedroom housed 2 human adults and a dog (that routinely sleeps with them at night). On my second trip I found a large number of dead bedbugs, along with dog hair, at the foot of the bed in Climb-up interceptors I previously installed. If the dog is treated for fleas with a fipronil product (it is not currently being treated with anything), will some of the bed bugs be killed when they bite the dog? Are any products approved for human use (pills or topical cream) that affect bedbugs?


I just returned from the NPMA Conference in New Orleans, and I will tell you that THE hot topic was bed bugs. I attended about 8 separate sessions on bed bugs that included research and product updates, and also visited many vendor booths that offered their products and solutions for this awful pest. In addition to coming home just a tad more paranoid myself, I can say with confidence that there are NO medicines of any kind that a human can take or even use on themselves that will kill, repel, annoy, bother, or amuse a bed bug. In addition I sincerely doubt that the flea products used on pets would affect bed bugs either, or these would have been discussed or presented somewhere in the NPMA programs.

The fipronil on-animal products are supposed to kill fleas or ticks by spreading over the dog after application by the movement of oils in the product. According to the manufacturers this could leave as much as 3 months of effective protection on the pet. Now, I will say that I really do not know whether or not this slight amount of fipronil on a dog could then kill a bed bug that crawls on it to feed, nor whether that bed bug could carry some of the active ingredient back to its harborage and pass it on to other bed bugs there. But, because bed bugs feed only for a few minutes and then leave the blood host they would be exposed to FAR less active ingredient than the flea or tick that is permanently on a dog, and thus exposed to a much greater amount of the a.i. over a much longer period of time. And, since these topical products are not labeled for use against bed bugs it would be important for us not to suggest their use to a pet owner.

Would that it were that easy, but it still remains that eliminating The Common Bed Bug is going to involve a lot of time and hard work. One interesting comment that I heard several times is that Laundering clothing and other washable materials to kill bed bugs is not necessary if those items can also be placed in the dryer. The dryer alone, at a HOT setting for at least 30 minutes, is enough to kill all bed bugs and their eggs, and it is not necessary to do both a hot wash and hot dry. This makes it a lot simpler for the homeowner, and some apartment managers are even making the complex’s dryers available for FREE to encourage tenants to use them. They make up for it by increasing the cost to use the washers, but having free dryers adds at least a bit more certainty that people will use this heat technique on their clothing and other items when they return from vacations or visits to other homes.

There also is at least one interesting new “Active” bed bug monitor coming onto the market that shows high effectiveness at attracting and trapping bed bugs. It still in ONLY a monitor, but may be a bit more reliable at showing you whether or not bed bugs are in a room. This will be available sometime early in 2012 and without a doubt you will hear about it.

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Apple worm could be a pest of the past – Stock and Land

Apple worm could be a pest of the past
Stock and Land
A PREDATOR wasp from Kazakhstan may hold the key to eliminating the Australian apple and pear industry's most destructive insect pest. Department of Primary Industries (DPI) scientists are examining the potential of the Mastrus wasp to wipe out codling
Goulburn Murray and Riverina Rural Report: Friday 28th October 2011ABC Local

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Kudzu bugs becoming a Gaston pest – Gaston Gazette

Kudzu bugs becoming a Gaston pest
Gaston Gazette
Soybean research specialists are looking at the effects of pests on soybean yields, learning more about the biology of these types of bugs and working on pest management strategies. In China, the bean plataspid caused springtime crop losses of up to 50

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Holiday travel tips: Keep bed bugs out of the fun – Osceola Sentinel Tribune

PCT Magazine

Holiday travel tips: Keep bed bugs out of the fun
Osceola Sentinel Tribune
These pests are flat, oval and wingless, with antennae and six legs. Adults are 5 millimeters long, about the same size and color of an apple seed. Eggs are the size of a pin head,colorless and incredibly hard to see. What attracts bed bugs: Bed bugs
Pest controllers join forces with hostel company to launch bed-bug campaignopenPR (press release)
Bed bug issue must be taken seriouslyHamilton Spectator

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