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Non-toxic Pesticides? Unraveling The Claims

The internet and retail store shelves may offer “non-toxic” and “safe” chemicals for controlling pests. Is there any such thing as a non-toxic pesticide. For your own safety learn more about this issue in this article.

Using Pesticides Properly

Pesticides can be extremely useful materials for ridding your home or landscape of unwanted, unhealthy, or even dangerous pest insects, weeds, and rodents. Should you choose to use these products yourself it is important to understand some safety guidelines. Using pesticides properly will help keep them from causing harm to you, your pets, or the environment around you.

Ant Lions and Doodlebugs

“Doodlebug” — now there is a wonderful word, and you may even have heard it before, but really did not know what it refers to. You likely have also seen evidence of these curious little creatures, but again did not recognize that evidence for what it is. We are going to change all of that in this article.

Bed Bugs — Preventing The Problem

The resurgence of an old enemy — The Common Bed Bug — is now a well known fact in North America, and with the reoccurrence of this pest comes an onslaught of false information about it. Learn the truth about some of these myths in this BugInfo article.

Collembola Mites?

Many insects are parasites of humans and animals, often feeding on our blood. Springtails are not one of these, and yet many internet sites will talk about “Collembola Mites” as a newly discovered human parasite. Read the facts about these harmless, beneficial insects. There are plenty of true parasites available. We don’t have to fabricate new ones.

Predatory Mites

Not all mites are bad, although it is easy to think they must be, given the many kinds that feed on your plants or on your blood and skin. But, this large group of arthropods has an equally diverse number of life styles, including some common and noticeable kinds that prey on other mites.