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Mission possible: island looking rid of

As the supply ship Aurora Australis makes it way back to Hobart, the team trying to rid Macquarie Island of rodents has reason to smile. A fresh team of hunters has just been delivered to continue the work but those returning to Tasmania have growing …

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Don’t be bugged, but keep a sharp eye out for ticks

Experts say it’s too simplistic and soon to say this year will be any worse than others for ticks and — some say they haven’t seen that many bugs, and weather is only one factor affecting insect numbers — but they agree that now …

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Pest, disease seminar in Munda – Solomon Star

Pest, disease seminar in Munda
Solomon Star
More than 20 members of Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) in Munda, Western Province, will engage in a three day pest & disease seminar starting tomorrow. Mary Timothy KGA program support officer said the aim of the training is to give participants

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Pests appearing due to mild winter –

Newsolio (blog)

Pests appearing due to mild winter
DALLAS, April 29 (UPI) — In the past 12 months, 84 percent of America's homeowners experienced a pest problem — nearly half were invaded by ants, a US survey indicated. The survey, for HomeTeam Pest Defense, of 1319 US adults also found in the past
Pest Problems Bug Homeowners EarlyHousing Predictor
Home owner tips: Developing a personal pest control and prevention planNewsolio (blog)

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Apr 30, 2012 – Ant Exclusion


Greetings. Is caulk is a good method for ants?


I would say yes and no Jodi. Certainly anything we can do to close entry points for any pest, including ants, is helpful in keeping them out of a structure. Even though we know that tiny ants are still going to find some equally tiny openings to move through, we at least can concentrate on fewer entry points if we have permanently closed many of them. And, every opening we fill to exclude ants also excludes all those other crawling invaders too. 

Some of these may be obvious and important, such as gaps around pipes or cables that move through exterior walls. Filling these is easy and addresses what may be a large gap on a side wall. Gaps around doors and windows also could be filled in, and all of this also leads to better containment of heat or cooling to maintain the indoor temperature where wanted. There may be some very difficult ant pests, such as the white footed ant, where insecticides are not going to be the total answer, and sealing outside openings helps a great deal. This might include running a line of caulk along the underside of siding to close off those major gaps – once sealed properly the ants have to look somewhere else for entry. 
Trying to seal up gaps on the interior is going to be less likely to succeed, as there are just so many potential places ants could move into the home from wall voids or under floors or down from attics. But, the combination of cleanup and sanitation outdoors to remove ant harborage, keeping shrubs and trees from touching the structure and creating ant highways, moisture management outdoors, removal of food resources indoors, exclusion to eliminate entry points, and the use of contact insecticides and baits gives the best chance to win the battle. 

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Bay Area Prepares For Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Vector District is now trying to let the public know about the Asian Tiger Mosquito and what it looks like, hoping people will alert them if they see the so the district can get a head start on contolling the potentially disease carrying mosquito.

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Master Gardener – Kudzu bugs find buffet here

In a little more than two years, these small but highly mobile spread throughout Georgia and South Carolina into Alabama, and can now be found in half of North Carolina’s 100 counties. They were first recorded in Pender, New Hanover and …

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Conflict charge on Scarborough pesticide flap heads to hearing –

Conflict charge on Scarborough pesticide flap heads to hearing
When the Town Council appeared to overturn its nascent pest control policy April 18 with one less restrictive of chemical use, Councilor Karen D'Andrea had her protests gaveled out of order. In response, she declared with a flourish of the arm,

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Selectmen Vote Not To Support Pesticide Article [POLL] –

Selectmen Vote Not To Support Pesticide Article [POLL]
Town officials said Tuesday that Needham's Integrated Pest Management system was already aimed at the reduction of chemical applications and that a ban proposed by citizen's petition on the May 7 Annual Town Meeting warrant was unnecessary.

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Feared grain pest nabbed at border – Windsor Star

Feared grain pest nabbed at border
Windsor Star
By Sharon Hill, The Windsor Star April 27, 2012 12:00 AM Larvae of the Khapra beetle, one of the most feared grain pests, were nabbed this month in Detroit crossing the border in a train shipment. "Khapra beetle has been nominated as one of the world's
Feared khapra beetle agricultural pest found at Canada-U.S.
Dreaded beetle found hiding in packageWDIV Detroit

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