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Municipality aims for city free of rodents – Gulf News

Dubai: The Dubai Municipality has intensified its efforts to make the city rodent-free. The municipality’s Pest Control Section deployed additional field personnel to implement an integrated rodent control plan which involves immediate precautionary …

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Bedbugs: An A to Z primer – Miami Herald

Few lay people know enough about bedbug biology and behavior to control the pests effectively, said Tim McCoy, a research technician in Miller’s lab. What’s more, they don’t have access to more concentrated products and other methods pros can use.

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Aug 23, 2011 – Mosquito Treatment Sites


Regarding mosquito dunks and mosquito bits, can those be used commercially as well as residentially?


This is going to depend a bit on how you are allowed to interpret the product Labels, and by this I mean that some states may be much more stringent and require that each and every site specifically be listed on the Label. So many of our professional products will purposely have very general wording with regard to the pests and the sites, and this is done by the manufacturer expressly for the purpose of allowing a broad use. In the case of the mosquito “dunks” ( B.T.I. Briquests that Univar carries) the label states that the product can be used “in all types of mosquito breeding areas”. To many this could be a statement allowing the use of this product without restrictions on the site – pond, creek, stagnant water, abandoned pool, tree hole, etc., and either residential or commercial should seem to be okay.

However, on this particular Label it also then gives specific instructions on uses around “households” as well as waste water treatment plants. To some this may suggest that these are the only sites allowed. I personally suggest that you consult with the local regulatory agency that oversees your work and who would be the ones to inspect you or enforce compliance with Labels. Since they are the regulating body they would be the ones to say yay or nay regarding the use of a product, and they may look at this and its active ingredient of bacteria and tell you that in their opinion you could use it any danged place you want where mosquitoes are breeding. It may also be with the packaging of “dunks” that this is meant more to be a retail product for home use, but it also is a very convenient package for the professional for small uses as well.

The Mosquito Bits I am not certain on, and am not sure it even exists anymore. Univar has virtually no inventory left on this particular product and the alternative would be Altosid granules which are not available in that small 1 lb shaker bottle. But, the Altosid granules are labeled for virtually any kind of site, commercial or residential, so if you do mosquito management this might be the product of choice where granules are the preferred formulation. It is labeled for everything from small containers holding water to marshes, pools, treeholes, septic tanks and even crypts.

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‘Feared’ Beetle Intercepted at O’Hare –

A beetle considered to be “one of the top 100 most feared pests in the world” was recently found in a bag of rice being sent through O’Hare Airport. Chicago Customs and Border Protection spotted the tiny Khapra Beetle Aug. 16 in rice being shipped among …

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Mosquitoes swarm Greater Cleveland; how bad is it where you live? Poll – Cleveland Plain Dealer

Whether folks are grilling, walking their dogs around the neighborhood or soaking up extra daylight before the weather takes a turn, the blood-sucking insects have been abundant and biting. Wet conditions have created the perfect environment for more than …

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Dead animals, insects planted in Michigan home for sale – Aberdeen News

Two Harbor Springs residents are facing criminal charges after, police say, they unlawfully entered a house, located at 30 Sayan Drive, in Harbor Springs, that is owned by a bank and listed for sale, and planted dead animals and insects throughout it. Dean …

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Beware of stinging pests – Alexandria Echo Press

Beware of stinging pests
Alexandria Echo Press
The best method to control hidden nests in buildings is to have a professional pest control company treat the nest. The good news: yellow jackets die when the weather gets below freezing. If you are dealing with a nest late in the season,

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Insect Awareness and Appreciation Day returns for 17th year – Harrisburg Daily Register

Insect Awareness and Appreciation Day returns for 17th year
Harrisburg Daily Register
By Brian DeNeal While the dog days of summer drive humans into the air conditioned indoors, the temperatures drive the insects out into the sun and before we know it the time has come for this year's 17th Annual Insect Awareness and Appreciation Day.

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Daily list: Famous insect incidents at baseball games – Detroit Free Press

Daily list: Famous insect incidents at baseball games
Detroit Free Press
In honor of St. Louis' Matt Holliday — who got a moth stuck in his ear Monday — other man vs. insect incidents: FLYING ANTS swarmed Comerica Park in 2000. Said Shane Halter: "You couldn't breathe without getting one in your mouth.

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Mosquito control keeps insects at bay in Aberdeen –

Mosquito control keeps insects at bay in Aberdeen
It's around 7 pm on a typical mosquito control spray night, and Kelsey Hoven arrives at headquarters to get the trucks ready for the night. Each truck has a laptop that controls the route and the chemical

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