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DEP: Radnor West Nile Virus spray safe for humans and insects

With the anticipated spraying of Radnor and Newtown Townships to combat the infestation of large mosquitoes in the area, concerns have been raised among residents about the environmental impact on animals and insects should they come in contact with the pesticide.

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Aug 30, 2012 – Take The Fight To The Source


What is the best method for treating carpet beetles?


The presence of carpet beetles wandering around inside a structure suggests that you have a source someplace inside where the larvae are contentedly munching on their chosen foods, and these foods often are materials that we meant for our own use or consumption and did not plan to share with the beetles. Carpet beetles are one of Nature’s main recyclers, and they feed not only on animal fibers and things made from them (hair, feathers, skin, wool, felt) but also on most grain-based dry food products. I myself played the part of Carpet Beetle Rancher for awhile as a large population of them fed for months on a large dog “biscuit” that had fallen where I did not see it. I have seen infestations of them coming from rodent baits left too long in attics. They manage to find wool sweaters, socks, and other clothing stored in boxes or other hidden places, including within cedar-lined chests that people believe will keep them out. They feed on decorations with feathers, on felt pads under lamps, etc. These are very, very efficient insects. 

The adults feed on pollen and other materials on flowers, so they are not the damaging stage. But, they will fly into homes and eventually find suitable materials for their larvae to feed on, and this is your challenge. Rather than focusing on killing the wandering beetles or larvae that become visible in the home, you need to seek out the source and deal with it at that level. Any old insecticide is capable of killing these insects, but the larvae are feeding on something that most likely is hidden away and will not be contacted by anything you spray in the air or along baseboards. You and your customer need to work together to start going through all the kitchen cupboards to see if any dried food products are infested, through the closets and other clothing storage areas to see if the beetles are on woolen products there, and even check out decorative items in vases and on walls. You might be surprised to find susceptible materials being used for decoration. Turn over everything sitting on tables and shelves to see if there are felt pads underneath. 
You should get up into the attic and into the crawlspace if there is one to see what might be there. This could be rodent baits left in place, dead birds or other animals, or even personal materials stored there and forgotten. Despite their name “carpet” beetles rarely feed on carpets any longer as wool carpets are pretty rare. But, don’t overlook that possibility and do question the customer about this. Consider the use of pheromone traps specific for carpet beetles to see if you can narrow the search by finding larger numbers of the adult beetles in certain locations. 
But, try to avoid any applications of insecticides until you are able to focus those applications where they will do some good. Even when you find the source it should be cleaned up, disposed of, laundered, or whatever is appropriate to eliminate the larvae feeding on it, and then the area vacuumed thoroughly and perhaps treated lightly to eliminate hidden larvae. 

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Buyers bugged by in newly purchased furniture

D ear Fixer: Several months ago, I purchased a piece of furniture from T.J. Maxx. It?s a chest/cabinet that appears to be hand-carved, possibly made in India. I recently discovered some very fine sawdust in several places surrounding the chest.

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lay siege to Bastar fields

Earlier it used to be the Maoist ultras and security forces that made their life miserable, but now they have to fight another front: swarms of insects that are eating up their crops everyday. Farmers of Bastar are full in hands to fight the growing insect …

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Meet the planet’s ‘vampire’ bugs which spend every waking moment looking for ways to extract blood

take a peek at some of the creepy teeth and feeding equipment of the small , ticks and mites that want nothing more than to suck our blood. From asian tiger mosquitos, that carry the West Nile virus and the Dengue fever virus, to the huge-bloated …

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in food: UoP students say won’t eat

Students of the University of Pune on Sunday continued their agitation against the poor quality of food at the campus. On Saturday, the students had held a protest outside vice-chancellor W N Gade?s office after were found in the food served at …

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New Va. website launches for pesticide safety – WTVR


New Va. website launches for pesticide safety
There are sections on how to select a pesticide, and how to use it safely?or how to best select a pest control firm if necessary. Commissioner Matt Lohr said that information about seasonal pests and emerging pests will be added throughout the year.
Virginia Pesticide Safety Website Is One-Stop Shopping for Information on Safe

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Bedbug sighting leads to shutdown of Detroit courtroom – The Detroit News

CBS Local

Bedbug sighting leads to shutdown of Detroit courtroom
The Detroit News
The incident is the latest problem involving the pests in Detroit, which was named among the most bedbug-infested cities in America two years ago by a pest control company. After evacuating her courtroom, Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller tried to move her
Court Bedbug Scare That Caused Detroit Judge To Send Staff Home Was Likely Huffington Post
36th District Court in Detroit says there was never any bedbugs in courtroomWDIV Detroit
Detroit courtroom reopens after bedbug false alarmWWMT-TV
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines (blog) –CBS Local
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Wauwatosa Now (blog)
This reduction in photosynthesis limits the growth and production of carbohydrates (energy) which increases the trees susceptibility to insect pests and disease. Water stress inhibits the production and translocation of essential materials in the plant

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Virus carried by insects killing deer – Northwest Herald

Virus carried by insects killing deer
Northwest Herald
The extreme heat this summer has allowed the insects that carry the disease to travel farther north than they have been seen before. The outbreak seems to be confined to Cook County at this time. EHD always seems to break out in small localized pockets.

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