Nov 10, 2012 – Fogging Pyrethroids?


Good morning. Can you use these chemicals to fog for mosquitoes? Demand CS, Demon EC. Thanks


No, neither one can be used as a ULV or any other fogging application outdoors, and that is where the mosquito control is labeled for on these two products' labels. Both are labeled for mosquito control, but they are labeled only for direct application to surfaces where the mosquitoes may rest. In addition, Demand is more specifically labeled for use as "barrier treatment" for applications to foliage where the adult mosquitoes may rest during the day. With the new label restrictions on the use of pyrethroids outdoors on surfaces of structures it is unlikely that we would soon see fogging added to their uses. The big concern is the off-site movement of these active ingredients that may then end up in nearby aquatic sites with a big potential to cause harm to organisms in those ponds and creeks. We should be very pleased that our uses on trees, shrubs, and turf are still intact. 

For indoor use Demand CS is labeled for fogging within voids for cluster flies, such as into attics where the flies may be hiding or getting active in the spring. Demand is also labeled for use in a "fogger" such as the Actisol or other "deep void" foggers that can deliver the ULV mist directly into a void such as a wall void. This is not for fogging the living spaces of a structure, but only into hidden voids where insects may be hiding. 

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